Monday, December 1, 2008


so i totally had a flashback right now...hahah but its not what imma talk about. i might touch up on it, but who knows ?

so i had an experience today. its not a thing i do on the regular. i had a show in ontario, and it was more of an urban feel; spoken word kind of things. and this girls piece really got to me. she was talking about how a man loves a bitch, and how shes a nice girl and all of that stuff. its crazy how when a person talks about the opposite sex, the blame is totally put on them. well you know what ? it sure as hell isnt gna change in my head. all the blame is on the girl. "if i were a know what i be decisive...instead of acting like i am." my version of beyonces "if i were a boy" is on point. well in my head at least, and thats all that matters to me. is my opinion. theres nothing wrong with that either. whats funny is that the younger they are, the more they think they know. isnt that weeeeeird ? to be honest, i know what kind of girl i want, but i cant say i know WHO i want. its too damn early in my life. but yeah, another unorganized thought. later. hahah