Friday, June 26, 2009

new habits.

i have new responsibilities. old ones too; old ones that i decided to drop for a while that i went back to. thats something im very, VERY happy about doing. what i miss about home is that i have plenty of help, from my parents or my family/friends.

not only is that a part of my decision to move here, thats also a part of growing up. i guess i didnt decide to grow up until now. today, i woke up on my own; meaning that i forgot to set up my alarm. usually, back in california, i dont really have to. id usually get a call from my mom or a good-morning call or text from one of my amazing friends, and that would get me up for the day. too bad the long distance fees and the time difference prevent that from happening now. maybe in a couple of months, when i meet more people, it can happen. but really, nothing replaces the way i wake up back home. and im the kind of guy that LOVES goodmorning texts/greetings.

when it comes to the school perspective of this move, its pretty surprising for my part. for those who went to school with me, or for those who knew me during high school and stuff like that, you'll definitely know what i mean. it might be a little too soon for saying this, but im doing a lot more than i did back then. im prettiest much one of the laziest guys when it comes to academics. i love to hang out, and hanging out doesnt go well with studying. im the kind of guy that goes home at 3am. hahah. but now, im actually an officer for my class. im vice president of my class ! wtheck?! never in my life did i think id hold a position in school like this haha. i have a lot of work ahead of me.

but dont worry ! music is also a part of school for me. i recently joined the glee club. omg, i hate how that sounds. it sounds so......LAME ! but i mean, i really, REALLY miss music. so im trying to keep it alive. :] im also singing for our mass on fridays (my school is a catholic school) and playing guitar ! so im excited for that. i recently recorded a video of myself while i was driving down my area, so ill post that up soon. well, til i write again. and OH! i forgot, i said on my first blog that i was going to describe a friend on each blog. so here it is, my first entry. til i write again. <3

Cathy Nguyen

cathy nguyen - my partner in crime. my everything. cat, i dont have any kind of words to describe how much i care for you. yes, we've had our differences throughout the years, but theres nothing in this world that can take away what i have for you. we lost a little of the touch in the recent past, but we found a way to come back together as strong as ever. i love you more than you really know, and i would definitely be a lesser person if i never had you by my side. im blessed to have met you. from our days to jamming to our shows in front of our beloved fans (i love you guys! :]), i couldnt have asked any more from you. you are an inspiration to me. i cant wait to sing by your side again, partner. "since day one". i love you :]

Thursday, June 25, 2009

on the regular, an ordinary day.

things have been getting better lately. i mean, of course, if i really do think about it (or if i gave myself time to think about it), id think about the negatives like:

*how i miss home (OH SO MUCH ! -_-)
*how i havent had much time as a musician
*comfort zones arent the same (obviously)

the list can go on and on...

but i know im not the only one thats decided to do something like this. so i know that, ultimately, im not alone in this sort of situation. and as time has been doing its work, im not alone. literally. yes, ive made friends, and im starting to really know my way around. when i wake up every morning, im not shocked or surprised to see what i see; to smell what's cooking on the street corners; to feel the humidity from the tropical weather. while in class, random thunderstorms begin. not one girl yells the expected scream. when a roach (GROSS!) or two comes into the classroom, there are no "OMG's" said aloud. its a regular thing. an everyday thing for them here.

today, my religion teacher told us to write our own psalm. and i really didnt know what to write. if you guys know me well enough, when it comes to writing, the first thing that comes to my mind is love. and thats what i wrote about. not that it really matters, just a random thought haha....

as i was saying, the regular things; the everyday things are obviously nothing new to the people surrounding me. and slowly, its becoming an everyday thing for "US" here. im glad im learning about my culture. im learning something i know i cant learn back home. what was once a culture shock is now a regular thing; and what i used to feel uncomfortable with is starting to become my right hand. but of course, it can never replace the feeling of being home. til i write again. <3