Sunday, May 24, 2009

take time to realize.

haha no, not the song... i just realized something. i is a crazy time for me, adjusting to a new home and all that good stuff. so i wake up one morning, and i decide to go out and just look around from my balcony. i look to the left, and then to the right. and i see this:

i noticed the philippine flag standing out to me; and not only that, but the scenery looked as if it were from a movie my mom would be watching from our living room. i also realized that i took the american flag for granted. oh how id love to see one hanging again. but oh well, soon enough. :]


janice. said...

I'll send you a small flag if you'd like! lol :]

randolph! i miss you.
be safe. :]

Brenda Nguyen said...

I loved your call. CALL ME MORE OFTEN, as I will call you. <3 Miss you.

Tins said...

so randolph, where r u here in the Pilipinas? r u even in manila or in the province? tour u around i fyou like, well that is, if we're even on the same island, haha...

Anonymous said...

UPDATE THIS! I want to see what you've been up to!! :[

I miss you!!!


keersteezy said...

So, I'm here on a visit in the philippines and have you noticed the malls? how there's a flag in front of every store. we were driving around this crazy street and i saw flags on every pole. amaaaaazing. i love it here ! despite the pollution, crazy driving, and time difference. haha maybe you and i might bump into eachother! haha hope to meet you one day while im here on vacation (: