Thursday, October 22, 2009

i dont have to title everything, do i?

so wow, its been quite a while since i wrote on this blog; but i mean, i feel like i dont have to keep this blogspot updated. i do have a life you know haha. but anyways, im about to be done with finals and FINALLY sembreak is here. a lot has gone on since my last post, and i cant say that those things havent affected me. ive learned so much just living here, and just trying to fit in. im kind of stuck on some aspects. i cant seem to get my writing consistent, but thats usual. but the greatest thing that i feel im getting out of this experience is not just the fact that im growing up, but the way i FEEL it. i have my priorities straight, and i have my emotions under control. what more can one ask for? well...i can ask for a better position for my family. im sure my family isnt the only one suffering from that recession. but in a selfish sense of mind, i cant ask for anything more. im under control.

a random line came to my head earlier, and i felt like i shouldnt put it to waste. maybe i can add to it as i type haha.

"love is like science with freedom." you know what you can get, and you know the facts. you just need to see it to believe it. you need to feel it to be sure of it.

ahhh id rather keep it simple. haha