Sunday, December 6, 2009

ive got so many things to say right now....

the past couple of weeks have been so ...interesting. from religion, to friendships, to lifestyles, to priorities. i dont think i can sum it up at all. just thinking about everything that ive felt is overwhelming to even think about. no no no, dont think its another "emo" entry where im going to say that my life sucks and all that. i know that my life DOES NOT suck, and i appreciate all that i have. i have a lot of learning and growing to do; dont we all ? i need to accept the moment for what it is; and i dont need to ask for more than it can the moment that is. its natural for human beings to want what they think is best, and to be selfish enough to say they want it all. obviously, im one of them. im selfish, and i can say that proudly. but thats something i need to decrease. live in the now, not the past, not the later because now is all you have. everything in this world can be changed and turned around. nothing is permanent. so lets cherish life.

dang for random rant.

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julieeeeb said...

Please call me on Sunday!! <3