Thursday, November 13, 2008

another day, another dollar.

yeaaaaaah. thats what it is. another day, another dollar. another day, another opportunity. basically with every new day comes new thoughts and new feelings. and we, as individuals, have the ability to create our own thoughts and feelings. not basically from scrap, but from all we have already. and its sure not easy to make things great when youre down. coz thats when you have to try and make things better. but thats the number one word that sticks out: try. all you have to do is TRY to establish good thoughts and feelings, and itll come. even though we all have our days where we want to just break down and cry, we can sure prevent it whenever it comes by. shoot, thats how i handle it. hahah. dont get me wrong. im no genius, and im no perfect man that never feels negative emotions. coz i do. its how i handle it that separates me. wow. i lost my thoughts JUST RIGHT NOW. hahah ill continue this later. bye.

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