Wednesday, November 5, 2008

first blog.

well. how do i start ? theres not much for me to say at the moment, but at the same time there is. im usually the kind of person that says, "why the heck am i going to type out how i feel online for everyone to read?" i mean...its like an invasion of privacy with me approving it. hahahah weird i know. but its all good. ive sort of come to my senses, in a way, and decided that ill share with the world whats in my weird head. hahah. it makes me feel like im not alone. and that there are people that can relate to me; even through the toughest times. i hope i get my thoughts down properly every time i type on here, so i can look back and review on what ive thought about; just for a reminder. :]

so how should i start ?

oh yeah. theres been this line thats been in my head for the past couple of days. i heard it after i worked out. im the usual, who has the headphones on while at the gym, but i dont always listen to aggressive music. imagine working out listening to boyz ii men ? HAHAH its weird but it gets me, so whatevers. but yeah, i was listening to a song by anthony hamilton...i forget the title. but im not really paying attention to what hes saying...until he sings out these words: "intelligence is beautiful." for some reason got to me. i thought about what i look for in a girl, and everything about that kind of stuff. and im thinking to myself..."am i looking for the right things ?" in my opinion, i AM. without a shout of a doubt. coz im that kind of guy that looks for what makes sense; even though love doesnt have to make sense to work. its not like school, or work. when you work hard, you get what you deserve. not when it comes to love, etc. ive come to realize that love is about bad timing, and its just a matter of time when youre on the good side of it.

^i thought about all of that because of 3 simple words ?! oh well. im glad i think things through before taking action. hahahaha ok im ranting now. enough for now. love you guys.

P.S.: heres my latest song, called "44 minutes":

its crazy when youre inspired. things come so easily. goodnight/morning. :]

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