Wednesday, November 12, 2008


whats the first thing that comes into your mind when you speak that word ? i think up and down, which is pretty obvious. the beauty of a see-saw is that you cant be on it alone. you have to have someone on the other side. being alone on a see-saw defeats the purpose of it, no ? ha, unless you like to keep staring at an empty seat in front of you.

im pretty much one of the moodiest people alive. i could have a great start to a great day, only to have it altered by some jerk who cuts me off. haha, im sure im not alone on that one, and im sure im not the moodiest person out there. same thing applies to company. for some reason, i have this weird swing. i wouldnt necessarily call it moody, but its pretty much along those lines...fine, its moody. hahah. but i love being around people; people that make me laugh and smile, so i can return the favor. but there are times where i want to be alone and just isolated. sounds emo, but im sure that you all understand that we all need space every here and there. but what gets me the timing of the wanted space. im no genius or anything, but am i the only one who notices that bad timing is everything ? its all a matter of being on the good side of bad timing. when we want to be alone...thats easy. dont answer calls, texts, or however you communicate. but when we dont want to be alone, it gets trickier. and whats crazy is that wanting to be alone can alter your chances of having company in future when you dont want to be alone. how weird. ok im ranting hahah. but just put it this way:

im on a see-saw with my friend. of course, one goes up, one goes down at the same time. simple, but fun ! im bored of it, and tired. so i get off. but my friend still wants to keep going. im not in the mood. and he's sitting there, waiting for me, while i do my thing. i come back and my friends gone. how naive of me to think he'd be waiting for me at the same spot. now im in the same position he was in. wow. should i go or should i stay ? ill go. we wont always be at the same spot at the same time, but the seesaw will always be there waiting.

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Rachelle said...

I was on a see saw once. I got off and refused to go back on for the longest time, and when I tried getting back on, she didn't want to go on it anymore. We're still there, the see saw is still there, but we're both too hesitant to get back on, we're not sure if we know how to get back into the swing of things. We're afraid that it'll be too awkward and that it won't feel the same. BUT everything happens for a reason, I guess. I liked this blog. I like how you write, you don't try to sound too smart or intellectual, you just... write.