Tuesday, November 11, 2008

same stories, different times.

thats basically the line that really defines my life. and im pretty sure that most of you all (whoevers reading this - which i bet isnt too many hahah.) can relate to that. whats funny is that it doesnt really bum me out that i end at the same note every time, it just makes me hungrier to actually finish a story. but whatever.

ive constantly asked myself questions. questions that i cant answer myself; that only another person can. "why does it always end this way?" "what am i supposed to do?" "why am i not good enough?" can you blame me for asking these kind of questions when i am constantly overlooked ? when i do my absolute best to be righteous and real, only to be pushed away ? its a hard feeling to cope with, especially when others around me just think about themselves and they get what they want. i think to myself, "hey maybe its just me. maybe i have to change." but im not going to change and be a follower. i cant step away from the way i care so much, and the way i feel. i dont play games. im straight to the point, and youll always get the answer from me. its always a yes or no, not an i dont know. clarity and honesty are a big part of who i am. and im pretty much the realest a person can be. all i ask is for the same in return. screw showing signs, screw having to figure it out. just SHOW ME. if theres not positive answer in a question you want answered...whats your natural reaction ? giving yourself the benefit of the doubt. thought so. in the shortest way possible...this is the thought thats running through my mind:

"leave no room for hope or doubt; only truth and fact."