Friday, November 21, 2008


dont assume. youll make an ass out of you and me. theres are 2 kinds of assumptions. assuming in your mind, and assuming and making it public. you cant control whats in your heart and mind, but you can control making it public. so dont assume ? i dont know about you, but i think its pretty inevitable. we all live with hope, but that leaves room for doubt as well. its crazy how assuming can lead you to a fantasy world, and can make you think about very bold possibilites. it may not be this way for you, but i LOVE to think ahead; to think about how happy ill be, and to think about what ill have and what i wont have...the question is, will what i wont have bother me ? coz it sure as hell is now. i think thats something i have to cope with, and maybe ill get over that through time. crazy thing is, once you think you got it down, it all changes on you; literally, in a split second. but the trickier part is that things around you change as you change as well. and its like a master lock. you keep turning and turning, and eventually, the 2 clicks will meet and youll be able to open it. its all a matter of patience, i guess. patience is virtue, but patience isnt easy. ive come to realize that assuming is dreaming, and dreaming is wishing, and do wishes come true ? just be patient and let the wish work it out. its worth it, its worth it, its worth it...

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bullsalv said...

hey randolph brother...i didn't know you had a blog...sweet i found you.

again thank you for your performance at the mount.

reading a few of your's obvious you a great thinker and over analyzer. all great characteristic of a writer. so put your thoughts on writing. i'm sure you will create more than a hit, but something real that we all can relate to.

with that said. i hope to hear from you soon via whatever. you are a great talent and have a fan here at the mount.